End of 2016 season

That is how Grzędy look like today morning.Peace and calm. That is the first impression to get by entering Grzędy recently. "At last!" one could say as the busy and sometimes stressful season has finally come to an end. On the other side the tourist give income, so maybe this peace is not as desirable as one would think? It is hard to satisfy us, humans. One's for certain: despite the common opinion autumn is a beautiful season. Especially for those who need to rest from civilisation for a while. A long weekend is coming, so maybe...

Today Grzędy are covered with snow. It has been snowing since early morning and thanks to the low temperature the area is all white. Lack of tourists, as well as the leaves on the trees enable numerous encounters with the nature. Our daily guests are Roe Deers, Wild Boars, Deers and Elks became our daily visitors. Not to mention our Fox Lusia. As for bird species, the winter guests have arrived - Siskins, Waxwings, Long-tailed Tits and other various Tits. Some late migrants can be met as well - Mistle and Song Thrushes, or even still present Woodcocks. First Rough-legged Buzzards can be observed as well as the White-tailed Eagles patrolling the area for either food or fun. Also flocks of geese pass through the Valley, especially since water turned up on some meadows in the area.

Unfortunatelly all our Greater Spotted Eagles are long gone now. This season was unsuccessful for them, even despite the fact that new individuals turned up this year in the Valley. For us the season was satisfactory in this respect, that we managed to observe and photograph 12 birds, which is far over the half of the Biebrza's, as well as Polish, population of the species. Thanks to it in the "For your eye" section a small summary of the season was published.

A White-Tailed Eagle has just passed by over the roof!

Come and visit!

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