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Biebrza's autumn impression.Summer ended at the beginning of August. In September, for a change, summer returned. With clear sky and warm temperatures. Against the tourists returning home after holidays. And against the Biebrza Marshes, as they seemed to be finally soaking with some water.

The draught returned. Almost the same as last year. Only in the river the water level is relatively high, but not high enough to create any flooded zones. The nature has to somehow survive. Most of the nesting birds are gone now. The migration time has started. Everything is on the fly, from the smallest to the Cranes. The latter got particularly active recently, using the appropriate weather conditions. Every day flocks of several hundred can be admired gaining the height using the thermics high in the sky. The Greater Spotted Eagles are still present. More than that - they are visible. They also enjoy the sunny weather soaring around and sometimes still feeding the juveniles.

Also the annual roaring and moaning begun. Unfortunately the National Park did not stop the mowing mashines from operating. Thanks to that in many places where you could expect the moaning Elks at dawn you get a doubtful pleasure to hear the roar of the engines. Sad reality. Fortunately the number of mashines is still low enough to chase all the Elks away, so there are still some chances to enjoy the natural spectacle. You just have to know the places where they are not mowing...

They do not mow in the vicinity of the Lodge so the evenings and mornings are filled with natural roars and moans. In addition comes the hooting of the Tawny Owls, particularly active recently. During the day a surprise, as a flock of Nutcrackers appeared on the clear and in the area. They fly, call and sometimes even occupy the roads, so it is possible to pass them by really close by car.

Feel invited!

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