Nature holidays on Grzędy

Despite of its tiny size, Luśka managed to raise their first young this year.The rush of spring tourist visit is history now, the summer holidays are right before us. The Biebrza season is at its best. Every life form is occupied with extending its species. The effects are clearly visible as every now and then a pair of curious young eyes monitor the surrounding world. And this is just the beginning as many of the young ones are still hiding in safe places, being taken care of by the thoughtful parents whos life consists now of journeys between the hunting grounds and the  permanently hungry children. The biggest surprise this year on Grzędy is our Luśka who gave birth to 4 young ones.

We have to admit that we have been hiding the fact of Luśka's family from the public. For the safety of the family, of course. In May we had a wave of tourists storming the area and in individual cases it is hard to await the proper conduct. Although judging from the marketing side this was maybe not the best approach. The family rewarded us however with fantastic views and unforgettable moments prooving once again that what is often presented as "evil" or "pest" by media turns out to be at least yet another lifeform deserving respect, or sometimes even admiration. Anyway you can judge it for yourself as we prepared a short resume of our daily encounters with the Luśka family in our gallery. For the time being the young ones have safely spread over the area. Although they do visit the clear quite regularly, so here is where some marketing can take place.

This year is relatively more wet than previous ones (at last!) so the marshes have become more lively resembling more what they should be. Many birds decided to stay for the breeding season and therefore many families can be observed. As for Grzędy, records were set with regard to the numbers of elks observed - from now on our personal record is 24 individuals seen from one spot. In June the number of visiting tourists decreased - sad from the business point of view, positive for those, who decided to spend some time on Grzędy, as nature can be admired more frequently close to walking paths or even within the vicinity of the lodge.  The only disadvantage can be the number of mosquitos which contribute of the wet season. Although their numbers remain still by far lower than the Biebrza standards. On the other hand they are part of food chain and with the increased number they simply mean more food for the young generation of many other species. It can be sensed there is a lot going on around the lodge. This year again two pairs of hoopoes are present and can be admired every day on the yard or the parking place. On the trails nearby the Red-breasted Flycatchers are singing accompanied by the White-backed Woddpeckers.

Both Spotted Eagles species are also present. Of course not as numerous as other species, so sometimes patience and good eye can be an advantage. We are always ready to assist you with the searching and organize, as usually, trips around the Biebrza Valley.

We kindly invite everyone, especially those in need for a little bit of quiet, calm, isolation from everyday and contact with the nature!

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