Spring is coming!

Bullfinches, as all birds around, get ready for the mating season.Finally it got hot and sunny after winter. With it the birds showed up in Biebrza's forests, fields and gardens. The ones that will stay to bring joy in everyday's existance here as well as the migrating ones, for those Biebrza is one of the many stopovers on their way home. The floods are now numerous, so the fun has started!

The annual spectacle of migration has begun. On Biebrza it is one of a kind. Flocks of thousands of geese and ducks as well as first groups of waders can be admired. All this accompanied by more numerous raptors. Biebrza now looks exactly as it should with numerous flooded areas enabling all the birds to rest and feed before further journey north.

It has become quite loud on Grzędy recently. Of our inhabitants already present are the male White Wagtail, a pair of Robins, Black Redstarts and Wrens. Not to mention the ubiquitous Tits. All around the Cranes occupied their territories as well as Starlings, Blackbirds, Mistle and Song Thrushes. First Grass Snakes, toads and newts have woken up. During the day the Buzzards and Green Sandpipers display while the Woodpeckers keep the beat. In the evenings the Tawny Owls became quiet only to be replaced by Long-eared Owl (although some claim it is the Eagle Owl). All we are missing at the moment are the Flycatchers, Hoopoes, Swifts, Spotted Eagles and, of course, long-awaited Wojtek. Although the new this year and current attraction are Woodlarks displaying over the Lodge's roof. It rather inhabits dryer areas, which unfortunatelly prooves there is something wrong going on around on the marhes.

The sunny weather, as good as it is for our mental health, will definitely have its impact on the flooded areas which already now are starting to shrink. Already in May they can all be gone, that's why we advise to visit the area as soon as possible.

Feel invited to visit us!

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