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For the Guest Rooms

we wish to receive standard price of 50 PLN per night on condition that the stay will take longer than one night. Otherwise the price may vary depending on various aspects like number of visitors, duration, as well as the time of the year.

For the Campsite

we wish to receive 10 PLN per person per night

we wish to receive 10 PLN per car per night

we wish to receive 10 PLN per camper per night

In case of providing the camper with electricity the prices vary depending on the time of the year and the outside temperatures.

For the Fireplace

we do not wish to receive any fixed rate as it may depend on the number of people or type of expected activities. We do gladly answer all questions concerning these activities.

For the Car Park

from the Visitor's:

we wish to receive 10 PLN per car

we wish to receive 25 PLN per bus (or a car with over 7 persons)

we wish to receive 50 PLN per coach

For the guests of the Lodge the car park is free of charge, of course.

For the Bicycle

we wish to receive 5 PLN per hour from the tourists visiting Grzędy

we wish to receive 5 PLN per day from those who spend more than one night in the "Grzędy" forest lodge

For the Skis

we wish to receive 20 PLN for the first day, but only 15 PLN per next day. A week would cost 50 PLN. For children, students and groups we offer discounts.

It is necessary to contact us and make a reservation at least 2 days before arrival.

The above mentioned prices are valid for guests of the lodge only.

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