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We have guest rooms

allowing for accomodation for 15 people. We prepared 3 three-person rooms and 3 double rooms in various single- and double bed configuration. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and they are additionally equipped with bed cabinets, a big wardrobe as well as a table with corresponding number of chairs. Each room is devoted to one of 6 eagle species that can be observed on Biebrza. The idea is from one side to refer to the name of our company ("Aquila"), from the other side to present those magnificent birds to the tourists.

As well as a campsite

equipped with toilets and showers (presently without hot water) with adjoining sheltered fireplace. Electricity is available in the toilets and in the fireplace shelter.

Also a fireplace

surrounded from three sides by a shelter providing a comfortable dining place for up to 60 people. Light and electricity is available.

And Tourist Information Office

where apart from the Biebrza National Park admission tickets and publications regional handicraft products as well as small souvenirs can be purchased. We also serve some refreshments, both for warming up (tee and coffee) and cooling down.

For those interested in Biebrza

we offer trips around the Biebrza Valley in our company during which, as the proud owner of "Permission no. 52 for performing guide services within the Biebrza National Park" we will gladly share our knowledge and experiences on the nature and the region. Our speciality are birds of prey, in particular the world-famous Greater Spotted Eagles. Below is a selection of possible ways of discovering Biebrza and its beauty which we would like to offer. Of course we remain open for any suggestions or personal preferences. Here are a few examples of field trips:

For the Wolf Hill's fans we offer tansportation

between the Grzędy Forest Lodge and the "New World" car park inside the protected area. From this place it is only a stone throw to the Wolf Hill's observation tower and its breathtaking views over the marshes. It is also one of the best places to see the Elks. And not only Elks. If desired, we can assist in spotting them. Then, satisfied and overwhelmed with the views, we will transport you back to the car park by the lodge.

And even bicycles for rent

numbering the total of eight mountain bike-type machines, for both men and women. They will surely be usefull for both those enjoying active relaxation as well as those who find walking to the Wolf's Hill a little bit too much of a trouble.

During winter we rent skis

for all ski walking fans, both those remembering the times of Józef Łuszczek and now cheering Justyna Kowalczyk. As well for those who simply would like to experience the Grzędy trails covered with winter snow.

As for foreigners

We speak English!

Wir sprechen Deutsch!

Мы говорим по русский!

Vi snakker norsk!

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