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We offer the inquiry form

If you are interested in spending time in our lodge please use the inquiry form below to send us your question. The question will be sent to our mail address.

Important: 1. Sending a question is also a confirmation that you have read and accepted the Grzędy Forest Lodge Regulations.

2. In case of free email accounts (gmail etc.) we strongly advice to check the "spam" folder as mails are being incorrectly redirected there!

Inquiry form
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* - must not be empty

Present the regulations


The Grzędy Forest Lodge is available for tourists to enable direct contact with Nature as well as to help experience the diverse system It has created. By that we would like to point out the perfection of the solutions developed by Nature. This perfection has made it possible for innumerable life forms to co-exist and develop for millions of years. Each life form contributes to the planet resources and utilizes them in a balanced and harmonious manner.

The Grzędy Forest Lodge is situated in a secluded place, away from human settlements, in Nature's direct vicinity. Such localization on one hand creates a unique opportunity for experiencing Nature in daily life, on the other imposes specific requirements on both the inhabitants and the visitors of the lodge.

The Grzędy Forest Lodge is located within the Biebrza National Park. It is the obligation of both the inhabitants and the visitors to follow the regulations issued by the management of the National Park.

The Grzędy Forest Lodge is administered by the "Aquila" company. It is expected that visitors follow the regulations and advices issued by both the management and the employees of the company.

We would like to invite those interested in getting to know Nature, relaxing away from civilization and spending time with their relatives to take advantage of available infrastructure.

And campsite regulations

§ 1

Grzedy Forest Lodge regulations are obligatory also on the campsite.

§ 2

Registered persons only can stay on the campsite.

§ 3

Fireplace can be lighted at designated place and by permission from the hosts only.

§ 4

Cutting, breaking or gathering wood in the vicinity of the campsite as well as in the whole Grzedy Protection Area is strictly prohibited.

§ 5

Special attention is compulsory when dealing with open fire and any tourist fire appliances.

§ 6

Campsite equipment should be used according to its purpose. Damages for improper usage should be covered by guests. Damages caused by children should be covered by their parents or carers.

§ 7

In the case of fire call 998 for the Fire Station and inform the hosts.

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